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Long day-tour, which requires endurance, good fitness and experience.

tour Characteristics: Beautiful crossing of the mountains with very long hike and return route. Only part of the tour is secured with steel ropes, the rest of the tour is characterised by easy or exposed terrain and easy climbing sections. Especially in the area of the ridge, a secure step is required.


wanderung mittlerer molignonDifficulty: Very exposed ascent with many unsecured sections; also light climbing required in the area of the mountain ridge.

Access: VoFrom the mountain station on path no. 2 (signpost) to Tierser-Alpl hut - 2440m - (open from the middle of June to 5th October, sleeping possible).

Technical details: Ascent secured with steel ropes only; in part terrain with some very exposed sections which require an absolutely secure step. Long return route with two exhausting ascents. Fixed-rope climb details: 40% steel rope, 5% easy climbing, 15% exposed path, 40% trail.

Total ascent: 940 m of difference in altitude, 3.5 - 4 hours

Access: Panorama lift mountain station (2011m) – Forcella dei Denti di Terrarossa (2499m), 490m diff. in altitude, 1.5 h, Forcella dei Denti di Terrarossa – Tierser Alpl Hut (2440m), 60m diff. in altitude Descent, 15 min., Tierser-Alpl hut – access 215m diff. in altitude, 1 h / total of 2.45 hours.

Fixed-rope trail: 240m diff. in altitude ascent, 40m diff. in altitude descent, 1 hour.

Descent: A well visible trail leads down the eastern wall of the summit. Very steep trail at the start, which is secured with steel ropes in the middle. Up to Tierser Alpl 865m diff. in altitude descent, 479m ascent, 3 - 3.5 h, Tierser Alpl - Panorama lift mountain station 1.-1.5 hours Orientation: North

source: Sentres