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Tierser Alpl - Molignon - Lake Antermoja

laurenzi tourFrom the Tierser Alpl Alpine Refuge, proceed along Climbing Trail No. 554 towards the „Rose Garden". Just before arriving at the Molignon Pass (at 2,600 meters above sea-level), take a left turn and continue (the path has signposts and is marked) until you reach the first rope. Ascend to the ridge and cross it, thus entering the high-altitude plateau and the summit of the northwest Molignon (2,778 meters above sea-level).

Continue towards the east until you come to the actual entrance at 2,763 meters above sea-level. You can now proceed more or less over the ridge (left-right) with several approaches to the summit of the middle Molignon at 2,845 meters above sea-level (here, you will see dark lava flows amid the limestone).

You descend on the south side as the trail becomes steeper and steeper, until you reach the upper end of a rubble groove. That part of the trail with secured ropes now comes to an end. Proceed through the groove and descend to Lake Antermoja (at 2,487 meters above sea-level). You can now continue your tour in some other fashion, or return to the Tierser Alpl Alpine Refuge via the Antermoja Pass - Grasleiten Pass - Molignon Pass.

Total travelling time: approx. 7.5 hours
Level of difficulty: Rather difficult In part very exposed to the elements. For experienced climbers, only, or when accompanied by an Alpine Guide.
Prerequisites: A complete set of good climbing equipment, absolute sure-footedness, complete resistance to vertigo, and good, stable weather.


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