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Catinaccio d'Antermoia is the highest elevation in the Catinaccio mountain group and it can be climbed from all sides.

tour From Alpe di Siusi you can do the forest road from the car park (car park 1 at 1700m - car park 2 at 1850m) up to Tierser Alpl (2440m) on a mountain-bike. From here walk across Molignon pass (2598m) down to the valley basin of the Vallone del Principe (approx. 2330m) and up to Passo Principe (2599m), the start of the fixed-rope climb (west) to Catinaccio d'Antermoia (3002m). The fixed-rope climb is not difficult from a technical point of view, but some parts are exposed.


wanderung kesselkogelThe summit offers a splendid view of the Odle Peaks, Sassolungo and Sassopiatto, the Sella mountain group, the Marmolada, the Catinaccio mountain group and Sciliar mountain. As a downhill route we recommend the fixed-rope climb on the east side, which leads over Pas de Antermoia back to Passo Principe. In order to being able to admire the south side of this imposing summit, you can also decide to hike from Pas de Antermoia up to Punta de Larsech (2861m).

On the return route to Tierser Alpl you have of course to conquer the ascent to Molignon Pass (about 250m diff. in altitude) again. After an ascent with a difference of altitude of more than 2000 metres, cycling back down with your bike is a rewarding finish for this tour.

source: Sentres